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Publications available on this web site in PDF include:

Padilla Bay Disaster Response Plan, 2014 (PDF, 2 MB). This document provides guidance to Padilla Bay NERR staff and partner agencies on how to respond to a variety of disasters or emergencies in our location.

The Padilla Bay Site Profile provides an overview of the existing state of knowledge about the ecology of Padilla Bay through a review of the literature.

Evaluations of our school field trip program and teacher education for upper elementary students were completed in 2010 and 2011.

The Market Analysis Report (PDF, 3.9 MB) describes the results of a survey conducted in 2011 of organizations in this region that provide similar educational services.

The Needs Assessment Report (PDF, 1.3 MB) describes a survey of classroom teachers from kindergarten through high school that was conducted in 2011 to find out what they think they need and want from Padilla Bay Reserve in terms of educational services.

The Padilla Bay Reserve Management Plan provides information about the Reserve,
describes current and planned programs, and establishes goals and policies for
management of the Reserve. (This link to the Department of Ecology Publications web site has a PDF file of 14.5 MB)

Soft Shore Alternatives to Bulkheads (PDF 250KB) is a paper presented by Jim Johannessen at the Puget Sound Research Conference 2001.

Educational curriculum is available to teachers bringing students to the Reserve for a field trip.

The Reserve Newsletter is published and distributed quarterly. It includes stories about the Reserve and a calendar of educational events.

The 2002-03 Stream Team Report (PDF 300K) reviews our citizen water quality monitoring program.

The 2009-10 Stream Team Report (PDF 2.3MB) reviews our citizen water quality monitoring program.

The 2011-12 Stream Team Report (PDF 16MB) reviews our citizen water quality monitoring program.

The 2012-13 Stream Team Report PDF (12MB) reviews our citizen water quality monitoring program.

The 2013-14 Stream Team Report (Word 8MB) reviews our citizen water quality monitoring program.

Introduced plants and animals are discussed in this report on non-native species. (PDF 100K)

Some of the Research Reports and Reprints are available in hard copy. Please contact the Reserve to request specific titles.

This list of references (PDF 55K) provides a better understanding (representative, not exhaustive) of estuarine restoration and restoration science.

A pilot study of monitoring for invasive crabs (PDF 830K) was funded by NOAA to investigate the feasibility for implementation at other Reserves.

Trail Guides are available to augment a walk on our Upland Trail. Stop at the numbered posts and read the appropriate text to learn about natural history. Different versions are available including botanical, children's activities, and general interest. (These are PDF files of about 1 MB.)

The Bird Checklist (PDF 250KB) graphically lists the birds you might find in the area, their frequency and season.

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