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The Reserve is managed cooperatively by NOAA and the Washington State Department of Ecology.

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Skagit Cool Community Campaign

Our daily lifestyles represent half of America's carbon footprint and our purchases influence the other half. Individual efforts do matter. Personal lifestyle changes not only help to lower energy emissions and costs, but also pave the way for policy initiatives, new technologies, green markets, public transportation and alternative energy. It really does start with us!

It started with a Climate Cafe. On February 11, 2012, people gathered with friends, neighbors or co-workers to learn about the "Low-Carbon Diet," a proven peer-support method that has helped numerous people reduce their emissions by a minimum of 5000 pounds. Participants are encouraged to form into teams to support each other in lowering their carbon footprints by such actions as finding commute alternatives, using Kill-a-watt meters, learning about weatherization, and more. If you missed the café, you can still be involved. Check out the Cool Community website to find out more.

The Skagit Cool Community Campaign is designed to help people bring down emissions quickly and easily, and to spread the word from person to person, group to group, town to town. Because we're all in this together.